You can have public and private groups. Organize your friends by your interest, and control your news feed.

Photo Storage
Privately store all your media in one place. No deciding which memories to delete in order to save phone memory
Chronological Timeline
Get your feed in the same order it's created. No optimizing for advertisers.
Peak Charity
Shop with our sponsored partners to raise money for our mission to deliver fresh water and electricity to underprivileged areas.

How it Works

Welcome to the Peak Shop

Shop at the Peak Store to earn cashback for yourself and help Peak provide electricity and fresh water for communities around the world. Shop by products and by brands!


Number of downstream fluzzers

Average spending from your network (monthly)

Average personal spending (monthly)

Estimated monthly income:


Versus other cash back apps:


*this calculator shows an estimate based on an expectation for a Fluzzer's average consumption in each spending category at the time of writing, it is not a guarantee of any kind. The actual cash back you receive may vary from the estimate based on the categories you and the Fluzzers in your network actually spend on. For example, restaurants might yield a higher cash back than rideshares. The income your earn from other cash back apps might also differ from the estimate provided.